Building a brand mosaic.

As complex as branding can get, it's often simple insights that help guide a brand to life. During early workshops and fact-finding sessions with TCS, we discovered a mosaic that hangs on their Simcha wall. Simcha, we learned, is a Hebrew word that's all about happiness, joy, and celebration. This became our guiding light to help position their brand - which is all about celebrating the vibrancy of Conservative Judaism. The mosaic also provided the perfect creative direction for their logo. We built off that to develop the entire brand style guide which, in turn, influenced our work on signage, email marketing, social media, print, and editorial design. TCS loves the idea that their brand is built on the foundation of art that stands for diversity and inclusivity.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Styleguide
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Editorial Design

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