As I was recently walking in the woods with my two little ones, Owen and Samantha, we stopped near a small stream where they like to skip stones. Then, they did something so humanly intuitive – they started stacking the rocks. They created cairns. Any outdoorsman might recognize these simple rock formations as blazes, often used to establish a trail for other hikers.

I thought, what a perfect symbol for 2024. On one hand, cairns offers guidance for those wandering. It’s a sign that somebody else has traveled this path before, and to come upon one means that you’re headed in the right direction. But — as my kids showed me — we also have the option to create new blazes, and forge our own paths. The journey is ours to make, as long as we keep traveling.

As many of you know, we love working with people that dare to create their own path, and we’re so thankful for the brand trailblazers we get to collaborate with every day. Thank you for your partnership, insightful feedback, and continued trust in our creative journeys. Cheers to another year of blazing new trails!