December 16, 2022No Comments

Acts of Kindness

The St. Joseph School Acts of Kindness campaign is an opportunity for students to raise funds for their school and in return for any support received, pay it forward through acts of kindness. They invited us to create a few typographic lockups and illustrations to use on various marketing materials.

For a T-Shirt design to kickoff the campaign, we wanted to show that St. Joseph School was The Place where many Acts of Kindness happen. Then somewhat of a happy coincidence happened. Playing around graphically, we kept repeating the lines of the heart. Eventually, we noticed the outmost contour morphed from a heart to that of a location beacon. Love actually does exist!

December 15, 2022No Comments

Happy Office-versary

A year ago today we packed up the home office and signed the lease on this little studio on Glen Road. While rent isn't our favorite, we kind of like it here — It's especially cozy and welcoming during the Holidays. If you're ever in Sandy Hook, stop on by. We'll pour a couple cups of dark roast and talk typography.

December 13, 2022No Comments

Holidays & Headshots

LinkedIn profile pics are about to get sharp in CT! At our AIGA CT Community Meeting last week at Reverie Brewing in Newtown, CT, special guest Lisa Nichols, AKA Bread & Beast Photographer, AKA @bread_and_beast, set up a makeshift studio to take everybody's headshot. (Yes, we finally got to work with her!) We had over 50 people join us to mingle, celebrate the holidays, and talk all things design.

November 9, 2022No Comments

Delicious Food Photography

One of the first brands we helped to develop was for a small bakery right here in our little town, Sandy Hook. It's still one of our favorites. And with his amazing breads, desserts, and sandwiches, it's certainly no surprise the amount of success Uncle Matt is having. He was recently visited by one of our new favorite photographers, Lisa Nichols, aka @bread_and_beast. Such an incredible ability to capture meaningful little moments that really help tell a story. We think it's important to remember that behind every great brand are talented people who help bring it to life, and she's one of the best. We simply cannot wait to get to work with her!

November 2, 2022No Comments


Board members met this past Sunday, at the sweet space provided by @districtnhv. Co-presidents @ijacinabear and @jordinstah led a group session with Gerrit de Vries, @rachaelconti2@imsaraaaa@jennyjreed, and @melanieuribe. Excited to kick off a new year of programming with AIGA CT — If you're an @aigact member, look for design goodness to come!

October 19, 2022No Comments

It Finally Happened!

After two years of virtual events, the Business Supports the Arts breakfast was back in person. We're so humbled and proud to be a part of this amazing organization and signature event. How lucky are we, to get an invitation to partner with some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the area? There's no doubt the arts drive economic development, create countless opportunities for businesses, spark meaningful conversations, and bring people together. We're so glad to know that's not just our opinion. Thank you @cawct for letting us dine at your breakfast table.