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State of the Agency

On April 14th, we officially put the “Open for Business” sign on our front door — metaphorically speaking, of course, since our announcement came by way of Instagram and LinkedIn. We didn’t actually have an office door to hang the…

What would de Harak do?

Pure. Simple. Rational. Those are the words often used to describe de Harak’s work, but the trained eye knows that achieving any of those qualities doesn’t come easy. It’s almost frustrating, the amount of work – the practice, the iteration,…

The Power of Brand

On Tuesday, June 8th, Map gave an introduction the importance of branding in the 21st Century entitled, The Power of Brand. The event was hosted at the Booth Library in Newtown, CT, in partnership with the Newtown Chamber of Commerce….

My Next Best Agency

I learned practically everything I know about design at my favorite agency in Connecticut, Taylor Design. It was the job I didn’t get coming out of Syracuse University — which made it all the more attractive — and especially rewarding…

Always Give Credit

A fun exercise  to try when you’ve run out of design solutions: set Futura Heavy Oblique knockout on bright red – maybe Pantone Red 032. Then take said layout and share it with a colleague, casually asking, “Does this design…

Design Confession

I hardly knew anything about graphic design, or its history, as an art student in the college of Visual and Performing Arts. As part of my work-study program, I was getting paid $5 an hour to assist students load Microfilm…

King Gets His Due

Brody, Saville, even Bubbles ­— All British designers whose work pushed established norms and helped define graphic movements in the late 70’s and early 80’s. At least within the pages of history, they each became synonymous with a certain look…

The Fox and the Bird

Context is important when we look back at the history of branding and design. In the 1960’s and early 70’s, American Corporate identity was heavily influenced by the Swiss International Style, the wordmark having largely replaced pictorial representation of companies…

Art Direct America

In America, the occupational title of the art director preceded that of the graphic designer. While the lines between roles have been blurred today, the importance of advertising in editorial created a more specific need for the Art Director in…

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