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Topographic in Print!

Introducing the print version of our newsletter, Topographic. Standing at a tall 5 1/2 inches, it’s a really Small Publication About the Big World of Branding. We start each issue with a burning question about branding or design. Then we…

Brand Patterns

Another great way to help define and differentiate your brand in the marketplace: brand patterns and textures. Patterns can be used in a number of ways on marketing materials, in presentations, on packaging, as backgrounds or design elements, to spruce…

Brand Iconography

Brand icons help to organize content and clearly symbolize specific information. When designed and presented as part of a brand identity system, they also develop a visual language that is unique and own-able for your organization, helping to stand out…

Abstract Iconography

The logo is arguably the most memorable part of a brand identity. Out of all the elements that makeup a brand identity system, it is usually the most consistent. However, that doesn’t mean a logo can accomplish everything that helps…

The Arts Attract

New work for the CT Arts Alliance — The ONLY statewide non-profit organization that advocates for the arts in Connecticut. We are so humbled by this amazing opportunity to position the brand of a non-profit that is driven to build…

First Brand to Move

Traditional marketing puts an overwhelming amount of importance on the coveted first to market, especially in digital technology, product innovation, and even retail. It’s reasonable to understand why – the first mover is often rewarded with early adopters and a…

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