The logo is arguably the most memorable part of a brand identity. Out of all the elements that makeup a brand identity system, it is usually the most consistent. However, that doesn’t mean a logo can accomplish everything that helps define a brand and its values. Which is why an abstract icon can help add clarity – it helps to symbolize what the brand actually stands for conceptually in a simple, memorable way. The logo then acts as a quick reminder, emblematic of everything the audience has learned in the past, and comes to expect from the brand in the future.

Here are four abstract icons we've helped to develop for brands, and what they represent:

1. Simple circles coming together to form a burst of sunlight indicate fertility, abundance, and positivity.

2. The overlapping "V" represents partnership, and when placed in a circle created a wheel symbolizing movement.

3. A symbolic acronym, the "V" and "A" were created out of a ribbon from the packaging of specialty foods, also reflecting balance and harmony of fine ingredients.

4. The eternal flame was created out of tiles that recalled a very important mosaic about happiness and celebration.